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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
12:32 pm
i haven't posted in ages
so just to let anyone who reads this know, i am still around, at www.myspace.com/meshaselimovic and the blog continues there.
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
3:33 am
Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
10:15 am
viva communismo e la libertad
returned from cuba.
some pictures are located at:

username: meshaselimovic1
password: vivacomunismo
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
2:53 pm
Sartre - St. Genet
...in any society it is inevitable that the percentage - a variable one, be it added - of individuals find themselves placed, as it were, outside of any system, or between two or more irreducible systems. the group asks, even requires, that these individuals represent certain forms of compromise which cannot be achieved on the collective level, that they simulate imaginary transitions and embody incompatible syntheses.

he remains in place conspicuously when nobody has requested him to leave it. dignity makes passivity a challenge and presents inertia as active rebelion. it is liquidated whenever conditions exist for an actual struggle.

he publicly reveals his most secret purpose; his existence is a ceremony. whatever he may do, whatever he may think, he dissociates himself and quickly makes himself Another in order to catch himself unaware as Another or to be caught unaware as his Other-Being.

a person is not born homosexual or straight. he becomes one or the other, according to the accidents of his history and to his own reactions to these accidents. i maintain that inversion is the effect of neither the prenatal choice nor endocrinian malformation nor even the passive nor determined results of the complexes. it is an outlet that the child discovers when he is suffocating.

sexually, genet is first of all a raped child. the first rape was with the gaze of the other who took him by surprise, penetrated him, transforming him forever into an object. let there be no misunderstanding: i am not saying that the original crisis resembles a rape, i say it is one.

[about gaze] the reversal will thus consist in directing the eye of consciousness toward the appearance from in front and in emptying the consciousness of all concerns other than that of manifesting the handsome youngster. the reflective consciousness must fall back into the immediate consciousness and fade out there. for the reflective consciousness was a flashlight that searched the immediate consciousness with the aim of discovering the Other there. but it failed in its task and can produce only a paltry Ego.

when genet describes a relationship of the 'girl queen' to a male, he uses a comparison which recurs constantly, that of a spiral rolling about the upright rigidity. and this image evolves to the point of becoming a sexual motif which is reproduced by Nature everywhere.

servitude is the long term undertaking; it is broken up into a thousand particular dislikes which conceal the whole. in order to enjoy them, there must be a violent contraction, a spasm which sums up everything in the moment, in short a 'festival'...

genet is afraid to suddenly discover that he is the master of Good and Evil. subjected in the childhood to the ethics of good, submissive, thereafter to the orders of big shots, he is suddenly scared of 'becoming his own heaven.' in order to avoid this shocking pssibility, he is going to rush once again into fatality. in short, he cannot free himself so long as he will not make liberation his goal, but in order to do so, he will have to be already liberated; otherwise, the encountering of freedom can only be accidental. this is the classic pattern of all discursive madness: the patient is constantly on the brink of lucidity, only to start raving again immediately.

the phenomenon of saintliness appears chiefly in societies of consumers... few of their features: they confuse the essence and the practical purpose of the manufactured object; work is not creative, it has no value in itself, it is inessential mediation that the merchandise chooses in order to move from potentiallity to the act; a simple-minded practicality stresses the final aspects of the product... it demands in its being that it be consumed. the work is merely a preparation: servants dress the bride; consumption is a nuptial union... it...incorporates it[self] symbolically into its owner in a form of "a quality".

first one must be born. this means - among other things - that the slow and agelong adaptation of your family to the most exquisite products has formed your tastes in such a way that the object will develop, in your mouth, its full flavour, will be more richly itself in your mouth than in any other mouth. then, one must be a soldier: one has a right to posess what one acquires or keeps at the peril of one's life. in short, the destruction gives a right to destroy:the hero, an exemplary figure in societies of the consumers chooses to be consumed on the field. while waiting for the ceremony, he is given the finest products to waste. the destruction of the destroyer will complete the circle: his rich, spiced soul, tinted by wine, infused with the heaviest flavours will delight the palate of the great Taster.
these strange communities pursue their own anihilation...
the members of the elite carry generosity to the point of absurdity... the supreme refinement of consumption is to destroy the posession without enoying it... the human species stands by and blissfully watches the goods which it has produced by the sweat of its brow or won at the risk of its life go up in smoke. but the aristocrat... [knows] the applause is meant for him: he posesses eminently the goods which he destroys; to refuse enjoyment is the most exquisite enjoyment.

his tool is the word; his material, the mind of the other; his aim, by means of word to drive the other mad.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
6:36 pm
Zizek: Muslim vs. Gaze
...the description of the extraordinary status of the muslim is that they represent those who went in the forbidden area, area of the indescribable pain: they met, face to face with das Ding...
...at the one of the basic levels, it is a matter of positivisation of the impossibility of seeing the fetish-object. now, how does object-gaze become fetish? through hegel's reversal of the impossibility of not seeing the object, into the object giving content to the impossibility itself: since the subject cannot see the deadly fascinating Thing (das Ding), he creates a reflection into himself and in that manner the object of fascination becomes the Gaze itself.
5:50 pm
Slavoj Zizek - excerpt from the Muslim essay
one of those: wow!

i'd say that all zizek is referring to is: christianity is based in narrative, islam in proscriptive:
muslim is not simply out of language, he is lack of language as such, silence as an established fact... in that context we can say that, in order "to become human", we've all been muslims, to pass through the zero-th stage described with that term.
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
4:28 am
More Houellebecq
The joy of supermarkets

An A-Z of culture by Michel Houellebecq

Saturday September 17, 2005
The Guardian

Allemands (Germans)

I have been very impressed by German journalists' serious-minded approach to literature. They have conducted very long interviews with me, taking pages and pages of notes. This is something I wasn't used to, it did me a lot of good. I do in fact have a serious side, and the Germans let me express it fully.


His was an extreme ambition. I'm sorry to have to say it, but I don't think there's been a real revolution in the art of the novel since. I think that Balzac defined it for good. And anyway Balzac is very useful to me. It's not a good idea to be too humble. So I try to be a bit of a megalomaniac, to tell myself that I am the best. But it's good to have a little fit of humility every now and then, so I think about Balzac and hey presto, I feel very humble.


Marx was a brilliant rather than a profound author. A system of that kind couldn't work without blind belief. And Marx, convinced that he'd found the beginning and end of it all with economics, couldn't see this.


This is the archetypal modern disease - hysteria is over. Everyone will end up prone to depression after a certain age. There's not really anything you can do about it because while the demands people make of their lives are going to go on growing, their ability to achieve them won't. There may be a chemical solution.

The advantage is that depressives can often be extremely funny. There's nothing like a good depressive for having a humorous and perceptive take on the world. I am very fond of the depressive narrator as a character. Perhaps too much so.

Espagne (Spain)

I went to Spain to write my new book on the spur of the moment and it turned out to be very interesting - a place where it's fairly easy to find out a lot of things because the people are more open than in other countries. A certain Latin realism has persisted, which means that people don't lie to themselves so much about the challenges of life, about the real importance of money, of health ... I really like this.

Femme (Woman)

My problems with women are not going to get any better. Women often find it difficult to accept pure negativity, and the fact that I have more and more female readers creates an insidious pressure to be more positive. Rather disconsolate women often ask me: "Do you really find life that disappointing?" I have to reply that I do, I don't like life, I don't like the way it's organised. The fact that a heartbreaking read can be deeply heartening is an argument that women sometimes come to understand but not always. Sometimes they want something simpler.

Gauche (Left)

I have an objection that seems really mysterious to me: the more leftwing governments are, the more social control there is. Tobacco is a spectacular example. The fact that non-smokers have rights, that's a leftwing idea. It's a problem because you end up - and this was not my view to begin with - liking the shitty liberal countries where there are no laws, where you can do what you want.


In daily life humour is a considerable advantage, it oils the wheels a fair amount, makes unbearable situations bearable.


Ideally there is no need for imagination. To write a poem, anything will do, any subject will work, no matter how ordinary. There's no need to imagine things that don't exist. But for a novel, I don't think I have ever come across a single real fact that is usable as it stands, you always have to doctor it. I really liked Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, a book in which the rule was that only real material could be used, but I wouldn't have been capable of writing it. I use my imagination without thinking about it.


I don't think music is the ideal vehicle for such feelings. Apart from his Mass in B Minor, which is downright tragic, Bach has always rather got on my nerves. Painting can describe a state of happiness, the painters of the Middle Ages, for example. André Breton said he wrote very few poems because he was seldom happy, and he wrote poems in moments of intense happiness. It is possible to write a poem of pure joy but in art, apart from poetry and painting, I don't see it.


Really successful art consists of producing new clichés, so if what I do is really successful, it should be considered as a source of future kitsch. Yes, that would be real success. A new and depressive type of kitsch perhaps. I have high hopes.


I get the impression that people daren't talk too much about my lyricism. They prefer to talk to me about my humour. I myself, I might add, daren't talk about it too much because that seems rather improper. All I would say is that you have to have both.


I never stop making moral judgments in life. In the framework of a novel, it's harder because you start finding excuses. Describing a character as a complete bastard is not feasible for more than a few pages. The novel is really not a moral genre. Everyone ends up more or less becoming moderately nice and moderately nasty.


My typical narrator is often in the position of zigzagging between holes of nothingness. And strangely enough, he doesn't fall in. In practical terms, in life, I get by pretty well with nothingness. I can handle it, it doesn't frighten me.


This is my quality, my only quality in fact. When I sense that I can finish something, I won't let go. Although I work hard, I'm not by nature a hard worker, deep down I'm really lazy. And I'm not courageous either. Obstinacy can be a substitute for liking work, it can be a substitute for courage, it can be a substitute for practically all other qualities.

Pleurer (To cry)

I admit that I really like it when people tell me that my books made them cry. They rarely say so because people don't like to admit it. It's a strange thing because it's something that has nothing but advantages and yet people won't let themselves do it. I don't really know why.

Q / Cul (Sex)

People often say there's too much sex in my books. I don't feel there is. I've tried to understand why people get this impression. It's probably because in my books sex is treated or happens in an inappropriate way. The jump-cut style gives this impression: there's no preparation, sex happens a bit suddenly. But I think it's the fact that it's unsuccessful sex that has shocked people a lot. The impression of obscenity is much stronger with a scene of unsuccessful sex. And even so, I haven't gone that far: a few inadequate erections, but no scenes of real vaginal dryness. I could have made it even more unsuccessful. I could describe it in a totally disastrous way if I wanted to. And if people annoy me, I will!


I still think religion is needed. A society can't work without it. This is one of the roots of my pessimism: the impossibility of having a religion, given the state of our knowledge.


In the end, this is really what the 20th century has been most successful at, distribution. You can babble on forever about whether it was better living in the old days, but shopping is indisputably better now than it ever has been. It's really well organised. The last time I went to Paris, I listened to Radio Monop' and I was happy straight away, I love their line of products, I feel great when I'm in a Monoprix.


I must acknowledge that this is an area where the domination of the Germans is justified. Often, in hotels, there are several travel agencies - French, English and German - and the German approach is the best. Jobs in the tourist trade are interesting because people come along to be happy, and sometimes they aren't. I think that people working in the tourist trade are among those who know most about what makes people happy, or not.


I no longer have an ultimate aim. I accept my limitations. The time when I feel very pleased with myself is immediately after I've finished a book. But it lasts for a month, two months, no more.

Vérité (Truth)

It's extremely rare for a true fact to be usable as it stands. You always have to alter it, to simplify it. Reality is very chaotic, and I have the impression of being rather a chaotic author.

Wagon (Car)

I had an intense experience the first time I washed my car. I was 45, and I felt that I had at last become a man.

X-rated films

There's a very clear disparity between the insignificant visual appearance of sexual organs and the sensations of touch. It's not a good idea to make films about sex. Literature is better.

Young, Neil

For me, he is a great model of lack of rigour. He follows his intuition, and in the end it's almost all good - even his jazz album. And he puts the excess money he has earned to good use. He's perhaps the only singer who has really made me cry from time to time. I really like him.


Instead of behaving like the honest disciple he was and completing the work of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche took a stance that led him to an out-and-out absurdity. For example, claiming that he preferred the arrangements for piano of Wagner to Wagner proper was obviously grotesque. Thus Spake Zarathustra is a bit of downmarket poetry. Nietzsche is a lot better in Beyond Good and Evil - an indisputably great book, really well written, but a book that is still morally bad and philosophically inadequate. I've been speaking ill of Nietzsche for such a long time that I'm ending up feeling sorry for him. I'd really like to meet him in another world.
Sunday, June 18th, 2006
5:47 pm
More Zizek
"The very fundamental matrix of sublimation, that of the central Void, the empty ('sacred') place of the Thing exempted from the circuit of everyday economy, which is then filled in by a positive object that is thereby 'elevated to the dignity of the Thing' (Lacan's definition of sublimation), seems to be increasingly under threat; what is threatened is the very gap between the empty Place and the (positive) element filling it in. If, then, the problem of the traditional (premodern) art was how to fill in the sublime Void of the Thing (the pure Place) with an adequatly beautiful object - how to succeed in elevating an ordinary object to the dignity of a Thing - the problem of modern art is, in a way, the opposite (and much more desparate) one: one can no longer count on the Void of the (Sacred) Place being there, offering itself to be occupied by human artifacts, so the task is to sustain the Place as such, to make sure that this Place will 'take place' - in other words, the problem is no longer that of the horror vacui, of filling the Void, but rather, that of creating the Void in the first place."
Monday, June 12th, 2006
7:36 pm
Michel Houellebecq - Possibility of an Island
i am in a telephone box, after the end of the world. i can make as many telephone calls as i like, there is no limit. i have no idea if anyone else has survived, or if my calls are just the monologues of a lunatic. sometimes the call is brief, as if someone has hung up on me; sometimes it goes on for a while, as if someone is listening with a great curiosity. there is neither night or day; the situation is without end.

i am alone like a silly cunt
with my


as for human rights, quite obviously, i couldn't give a toss, i could hardly manage to be interested in the rights of my own cock.

sluts, but veliled, just the right type

i had found myself cast in the role of a hero of free speach. personally, in regards to freedom, i was rather against; it is amusing to observe that it's always the enemies of the freedom who find themselves in one moment or another, most in need of it

right wing anarchy, along the lines of 'one dead combatant means one less cunt able to fight' which from celine to audiard had already contributed to the finest hours of french comedy

the truly rich, who have been born rich and never have breethed the atmosphere other than wealth seem inoculated against the [phenomenon of vultures demanding wealth from them]

to any impartial observer it appears that human individual cannot be happy, and is in no way concieved for happiness and his only possible destiny is to spread unhappiness around him by making other people's existence as intolerable as his own.

youth, beauty, strength: the criteria for physical love are exactly the same as those of nazism.

"no one can see above himself" writes schoppenhauer to make us understand the impossibility of an exchange of ideas between two individuals of too different an intellectual level.

speech was basically designed for controversy and disagreement, was still scared by its warlike origins. speech destroys, separates, and when it is all that remains between man and a woman, then you can consider the relationship over.


having fought all his life for a sexual liberation, he has never experienced it

nor could i laugh anymore at the terrible distress of cellulite ridden fiftysomething women and their unfulfilled desire for passionate love; nor at the handicapped child they had succeeded in procreating by half raping an autistic man (David is my sunshine).
"so, you haven't fucked anyone in two years"
"me neither"
we were darlings, sentimental little darling and it was going to kill us.

brutality, that is predominant among ex-communists - in comparison, balsacian society, which emerged from decomposition of royalty, seems a miracle of charity and gentleness

i truly discovered a world of men... the highways are almost exclusively male universe, populated by salesmen and truck drivers, a sad and violent world where the only publications available are porn amgs and magazines for car maintenance, where the plastic revolving stand presenting a choice of dvds under a title, tus mejores peliculas generally only enables you to complete your collection of dirty debutantes. this universe is not much talked about, and it's true that there's not much to say about it; no new form of behaviour is experimented within it, it can't provide any valuable fodder for colour supplements, in short, it is a little known world and it gains nothing from being so.

finally, the prophet appeared, bouncing, freshly showered, dressed in jeans and a "lick my balls" t-shirt

i knew the working class... i knew their sense of family, their taste for alpine chromolitographs and collections of great authors bound in imitation leather

manual of civility for young girls for use by educational establishments "to give 10 cents to the poor because he hasn't any bread is perfect; but to suck his dick because he hasn't any bread is too much: you're not obliged"

they exchanged a long kiss, both virginal and labial

i suppose that revolutionaries are those who are capable of coming to terms with brutality of the world and responding to it with increased brutality

racism, pedophilia, cannibalism, parricide, acts of torture and barbarisem: in less than a decade, i had creamed all the lucrative niches.


intelligence permits the domination of the world; this can appear only within a social species and through the medium of the language.

during the first part of your life, you only become aware of happiness once you have lost it. then the age comes, a second one, in which you already know, at the moment when you begin to experience true happiness that you are, at the end of the day, going to lose it... third age, in which anticipation of the loss of happiness prevents you from living.


to bring together the comercial advantages of pornography and ultra-violence.

your only chance of survival, if you are sincerely smitten, lies in hiding this fact from the woman you love, of feigning casual detachment under all circumstances.


sthendal's famous saying, which was also appreciated by neitzsche, that beauty is a promise of happiness, is in general completely false

if you truly loved a woman, should you not rejoice at seeing her take pleasure in other men? i knew this sort of chat, i had a tedious discussions about it... at the time when i introduced anarexic orgy sluts to my sketches.



nietzchean scum who had been proliferating in the cultural field

like all very pretty young girls, she was basically only good for fucking, and it would have been stupid to employ her for anything else, to see her as anything other than a luxury animal, pampered and spoiled, protected from all cares as from any difficult or painful task so as to be able to better devote herself to her exclusively sexual service.


when the sexual instinct is dead, writes schoppenhauer, the true core of life is consumed

in despair, i ended up speaking about myself, in other words about [her], it was about the only thing in my life recently that seemed worth of mention; i had bought a new sprinkler system, as well, but i didn't feel able to talk about that subject for long.

men are generally considered to be cocks on legs, capable of fucking any girl as long as she was sufficiently arrousing... the portrait is more or less accurate, but still forced.

when i would debate a christian, a muslim, or a jew, i had always had the impression that their beliefs were to be taken ironically, that theoy obviously didn't believe, in the proper sense of the term, in the reality of the dogmas they have professed, but that they were a sign of recognition, a sort of password allowing them access to the community of believers

he looked as much at home at this spectacle as samuel beckett in a rap video

the black man was an adult kid

"the media accuse us of being a sect, while the solutions we propose are for every human being, regardless of their nationality, race, previous beliefs,...."

i then understood why, in his lectures, he indulged in superfluous praise of feminine values and pitiless attacks on machismo: his wish was, quite simply, to castrate his listeners. it's a fact among most monkeys, the production of testosterone by the dominated males falls and ends upp stopping altogether. ... when the dominant male is unable to exert his power, the secretions of testosterone resumes among most monkeys

last words of immanuel kand on his deathbed were 'that's enough'.

i looked up again at [him], i still couldn't remember his name, but i realised that i didn't like him, nor did i like his view of mankind and more generally i wanted nothing to do with this guy.

there were already, he pointed out, many testimonies about mankind, which all agreed in their lamentable assessment; the subject, in short, was covered.

no culture of mind,... has been developed.....when individual in society has to worry about his survival

i looked at her closely to see if i could make out a trace of fascination with america, with hollywood, in her; no, there was none

Isabelle did not like sexual pleasure, Esther did not like love and her whole generation refused it with her

Isabelle was different, and i became conscious again, by living with her, of her moral superiority over the men and women of her generation; she was more generous, more attentive and more loving.

there were more and more people, especially women, who dreamed of a return to a system where women were modest and submissive

such a thing can be observed, i had already observed it in some old people: their face is calm and static, their mind seems peaceful and empty, but as soon as they regain consciousness and start thinking again, they immediately start crying

the physical bodies of young people, the only desirable poession the world has ever produced

it is impossible, i imagine, to write anything, without experiencing a sort of edginess, a nervous excitement, which means that, however sinister the content of what you're writing might be, you do not immediately find it depressing

the will, the rather silly sense that nietzche gives to this term

to masturbate is to make love with someone you truly love - jacques lacan

strangely masochistic ideology known as 'ecologism'....emphasised the necessity of protecting nature from human activity...taking sides with animals against humans
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
6:26 pm
Slavoj Zizek, The Fragile Absolute
the woman's body in [gustave courbet's] 'l'origine' retains its full erotic attraction, yet it becomes repulsive precisely on account of this excessive attraction.
there would be an announcement: the train will arrive at 18.15 and depart at 18.20 - and it never did arrive at 18.15. then came the next announcement: the train will arrive at 20.10. and so on. you went on sitting there in the waiting room, thinking. it's bound to come at 20.15. that was the situation. basically a state of messianic anticipation. there are constant announcements of the messiah's impending arrival and you know perfectly well that he won't be coming. and yet, somehow, it is good to hear him announced all over again. the point of this messianic attitude, however, was not that hope was maintained, but that, since the messiah did not arrive, people started to look around and take note of the inert materiality of their surroundings, in contrast to the wast, where people, engaged in permanent frantic activity, do not even properly notice what is going on around them.
"it happened, on the contrary, out of respect for the law, for a law which ranks higher than the law which protects sovereignty of states. the alliance [nato] has acted [against serbs] out of respect for human rights [of albanians], as both conscience and international legal documents indicate." [stated by vaclav havel]... if we read havel's two statements as the two premises of judgement, the logical conclusion is none other than that nato foreces were allowed to violate existing international law since they acted as a direct instrument of the 'higher law' of god himself - if this is not a clear-cut case of religious fundamentalism, than this term is devoid of any minimally consistent meaning.
...indicates that sex with an animal is today's predominant form of the fantasy of full sexual relationship and it is crucial that this animal is as a rule, a male: in contrast to a cyborg-sex fantasy in which the cyborg is, as a rule, a woman (blade runner)... does this not materialise two standard common daydreams: that of a woman who wants a strong animal partner, a potent beast, not a hysterical impotent weakling; and that of a man who wants his female partner to be a perfectly programmed doll who fulfills all his wishes, not a living being?
the images of utter catastrophe, far from giving access to the Real, can function as protective shield agains the Real.
the paradox of the relationship between the series (of elements belonging to the universal [universal has a cardinality of second order infinity]) and its exception does not lie only in the fact that 'the exception grouonds (universal) rule, that every universal [with cardinality of first order infinity] series involves [a limit] the exclusion of an exception (all men have inalienable rights with the exception of madmen, criminals,...).
the dissolution of a symptom, far from bringing about the non-pathological state of full desiring capacity, leads rather, to a total psychotic catastrophe, to the dissolution of the subject's entire universe.
there are two ways of subverting the law 'the masculine' and the feminine. one can violate/transgress its prohibitions [m].... or one can simply do what is allowed [f].
we do not laud the son who said 'no', but we endeavour to learn from the gospel how dangerous it is to say 'sir, yes i will'...the subject is only actually in, caught in a web of power, only and precisely in so far as he does not fully identify with it, but maintaines a distance toward it; on the other hand, the system (of public law) is actually undermined by the unreserved identification with it.
antigone is the masculine fantasy par excellence.
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
5:16 pm
i know i get obsessed
and in the part 2, the only thing i'd add is: why did she unscreen that comment?
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
3:35 am
Houellebecq - Platform
Houellebecq - Platform

like all of the inhabitants of the western world, i want to travel. there are problems with that, of course, including the language barrier, poorly organised public transport, the risk of being robbed and conned. therefore, to put it more bluntly, what i really want, basically, is to be a tourist.
while we were visiting temple of a dawn, i made a mental not to buy some more viagra when i found an open pharmacy.
sarcastic little phrases scattered throughout the book, along the lines of 'ah, my friends, if you had been there back in the hippie days'.
what she was lacking, essentially, was the desire to seduce.
'what to say about ko phi phi?' laments the travel guide. if you asked us about lost love... we want to say something wonderful about it, but there's a lump in our throat.' for the manipulative masochist, it is not enough that he is unhappy; everyone else must be unhappy too. i tossed my guidde du routard into the trashcan at the gas station. western masochism i thought.
all in all they had a well-balanced table, equipped with a natural leader of each sex, one that was capable of fostering team spirit.
in short, all the rich and moderately wealthy world was here, all answering 'present!' to the gentle and constant roll of asian pussy.
'i believe in truth,' he said in a low voice. 'i believe in truth and in the importance of absolute proof.' listening distractedly, i was surprised to discover that he had a degree in mathematics that in his youth he had written a number of promising papers on lie groups. i reacted excitedly to the news: there were , in other words, there had been certain areas of the human intelligence in which he had been the first clearly to see the truth. ... 'i didn't have the makings of a creative matematician. it is a gift given to very few.... i'm a racist. i've become a racist. one of the first effects of travel is to reinforce, or create racial prejudice; because, how do you imagine other people before you've gotten to know them? you imagine they are just like you, it goes without saying; it's only little by little that you realise that the reality is somewhat different. when he can, westerner works; he often finds his work frustrating or boring: this much is obvious.... you won't find a white woman with a soft, submissive, supple, muscular pussy anymore. that's all gone now...' [narrator speaking again] number 47 noticed i was staring at her; she smiled at me and crossed her legs high up, revealing a pair of garters... 'at the time when the white man considered himself superior, racism wasn't dangerous. for colonials, missionaries and educators in the nineteenth century, the negro was a big animal, none too clever, a sort of slightly more evolved monkey. at worst, they considered him a useful beast of burden, capable of performing complex tasks, and at best a frustrated soul - coarse, but, through education, capable of elevating himself to god - or at least western reason. in both cases they saw in him a lesser brother and one does not feel hatred for an inferior, at most a sort of a cordial contempt. this benevolent, almost humanist racism has completely vanished. the moment the white man began to consider blacks as equals, it was obvious that sooner or later, they would come to consider them as superiour.... once white men believed themselves to be inferior, the stage was set for a different type of racism, based on masochism... for example, all anti-semites agree that jews have a certain superiority...' [narrator] i glanced at number 47 again: anticipation is exciting, something you'd prolong indefinitely, but there's always a risk that the girl will go off with another customer.
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
3:10 am
Jovan Ducic, translations of the most relevan stuff
S: Na deset ljudi ima jedan uman, a na deset zena ima jedna glupa.
E: In ten men, there's one wise, in ten women, there's one stupid.
S: A zena odmetnik, to je egoista koja ne voli nikog, niti je iko voli. Mesto volje ima prohteve; mesto ukusa, njene sopstvene nacine; ona je zatocenik svoje nistavnosti; ona je malo zena a nimalo covek; najcesce je dete i divljak za ceo zivot.
E: Frivolous woman, that's an egotist that loves no-one and no-one loves her. Instead of will, she has demands; instead of taste, her ways; she's a prisoner of her worthlessness; she's a bit woman, but not a man at all; most often she's a child and a wild person for life.
S: ...podela zena na ova tri tipa: supruga, ljubavnica, majka. Cesto se u jednoj istoj zeni nadje ljubavnica i majka; a cesto surpuga i majka; ali najredje supruga i ljubavnica. Skoro nikad nisu sva tri tipa ostvareni u jednoj istoj zeni; a da su ostvareni, to bi bio odista vrhunac božje mudrosti i božje ljubavi za čoveka.
E: ...division of women into these three types: wife, lover, mother. Often in a single woman there are a lover and a mother; also a wife and a mother; but rarest is the wife and a lover. Almost never are these three in a single woman; even if they were, that would be the hight of the god's mercy and god's love for a man.
S: Srpkinja je od svih drukcija: kad je najcistiji tip, ona je čoveku sestra.
E: Serbian woman is different from all of them: when she is the purest type, she's a sister to the man.
S: Cim zena pocne da istinski voli coveka, onda ga voli pomalo kao majka: tepa mu sitne i slatke reči; boji se za njegovo zdravlje, i utopljuje ga; i brani mu da pije, ili da odvec pusi; i strepi od hiljadu prilika i stvari koje bi mogle da mu ucine kakvo zlo. U najvišoj ekstazi srca, žena prestaje biti ženka, a postaje dobra majka i nežna sestra.
E: As soon as the woman starts truly to love a man, she loves him a bit like a mother, she tells him sweet and kind words, is afraid of his health and warms him up and forbids him to drink, or to smoke too much, or is afraid of thousand things and events that might give him a misfortune. In the highest extasy of the heart, woman stops being a female and becomes a good mother and a kind sister.
S:... treba bezati, kao od zla najgoreg, od zene koja voli pirovanja i koja je strasna, jer ona sagori coveka bez buktinje i obori ga u starost pre vremena.
E: ... one should run, as if from the worst fear, from the woman that likes partying and is too passionate, because she will burn the man down without the fire and throw him into the oldness before his time.
1:05 am
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
1:22 am
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
7:32 pm
Another reason why Michel Houellebecq is a genious
"Friendship is the most vulgar relation between a man and woman."
Michel Houellebecq, Platform
3:58 am
Zene pocinju bivati duboko milosrdne tek kad su i same duboko nesrecne, u sreci su bezdusne i pustoglave, sasvim obratno od coveka koji je dobar samo kad je srecan.

Kod zena je urodeno da vara na malo i na veliko, svesno i nesvesno, namerno i nenamerno, a vrlo cesto i bez ikakve zle namere, i cak sasvim cesto iz najbolje namere: u najvise slucajeva, samo da bi se vecma dopala. Ali jedna zena samo vredi koliko voli, a ona vara i kada najvecma voli. Ima zena koje nikad ne kazu laz, ali nikad ne kazu celu istinu... Pronaci dobru zenu, to je tesko kao pronaci u svom vrtu izvor petroliuma.

Zena voli coveka dok joj veruje. I onda kada ga ne voli, ona trazi da joj ipak veruje. Ne voli se braniti ni kad je kriva; i hoce da ima iluziju da je drzite za dobru i kad to nije. Kad je ne drzite za dobru, ona veruje da je vise ne drzite ni za lepu. A njoj nije dovoljno ni da izgleda lepa, nego hoce da bude i jedina lepa. Kad zena treba da se pocne braniti, ona se ne brani, nego prestane da voli i pocinje da mrzi. Zato, ne objasnjavaj se, nego ili uzmi ili ostavi. - Duboko je uvredjena kad je prave krivom, a nije kriva; a jos je vise uvredjena ako joj kazu da je kriva kada to odista jeste. Zena nema osecanja odgovornosti kao ni dete; i ona se brani suzama, a ne razumevanjem. Ali i kada moli za oprostenje, to ne znaci da priznaje krivicu, nego izbegava grube scene.

Brak se najcesce sastoji od jednog lazova i jednog nasilnika. Zene kada lazu, one uvek lazu na krupno i totalno; i kad imaju da sakriju sitnicu, zene negiraju i sve drugo sto je s tom sitnicom u vezi, i to brzo, odlucno i konacno. Nije nigde bila, nije nikoga videla, nije nista cula; ne poznaje uopste osobu za koju je vezuju zli jezici; nije bilo niceg...

Ako hocete da vas zena voli, treba joj dati prilike da vas sto puta slaze, i da uvek izgleda kao da to ne vidite.

Zena je i inace uvek jedno bice za sebe i za ceo svet, a drugo za coveka kojeg voli.

Nikad ne pitajte zenu da vam kaze nesto od svoje proslosti. Nijedna ne voli da ima proslost, niti joj daje kakvu cenu; a ako vam krije proslost, to nije zato da nju ne sacuva za sebe, nego da vas ne izgubi. Ako hoce da precuti proslost, to je i zato sto je zena prema proslosti odista ravnodusna, jer zena po prirodi nije romantik. Zena ne podnosi spomen. Ona bezdusno sve krije jer ne zeli da ima oci ni na cemu sto nije u vezi sa covekom kojeg voli u tom trenutku. Zena zivi s dana na dan.

I danas je vise na zemlji samoubistava zbog propale ljubavi, nego zbog propalog imanja ili propale casti. Prosecni covek uvek voli vise zenu nego ljubav. Kod zena je sasvim obratno: retko je kojoj zeni dovoljan samo covek, i koja ne cezne da bude voljena. Istina, mnogo se na svetu manje misli o ljubavi nego sto izgleda. Ljubav na svetu odrzavaju samo zene i pesnici.

Covek voli ljubav - bol, a zena voli ljubav - radost.

Prvi znak da jedna zena odista ljubi, to je kad se u njoj javi neodoljiva i bolna zelja da dobije dete od coveka kojeg voli.

Vise za zenu vredi jedan dobar kalambur nego najdublja Njutnova istina. Za nju vise vredi covek duhovit nego dubok, i a vise blistav nego duhovit.

Svaka zena je dosadna osim one koju volimo. Medutim, zeni nije dosadan nego samo onaj covek koji joj se ne divi, ili koji je ne zeli, ili koji se ne divi makar njenom ukusu, ili se ne interesuje bar njenim psetom.

Najlepsa je zena u ljubavi ona za koju kazemo da je lepa a ne znamo zasto.

Ima odista najlepsih ociju koje ne umeju pogledati i najlepsih usana koje se ne znaju osmehnuti. Obe ove velike i neopredeljive lepote su nematerijalne, jer su iskljucivo dusevne. Lep pogled i lep osmeh nemaju cak nista zajednickog sa bojom ociju ili formom usta... Najlepse oci ima slovenska zena, jer uvek izgledaju zacudjene.

Ne padaju samo porocne i pokvarene, nego cesto i savrseno ciste, i po prirodi verne. Zena pada iz raznih uzroka; iz ljubavi, iz dosade, iz strasti fizicke, iz sujete, iz slabosti volje, iz interesa materijalnog, iz romantike, iz manije, iz perverzije, iz osvete.

Srpkinja se daje onom ko je prevari.

Da vas zena voli zenski, morate s njom postupati muski.

Covek zaljubljen odmah misli kako da svoju srecu podeli, a zena misli kako da svoju srecu udvostruci. Zeni nije dovoljno da dobije najvise od covekove srece, nego da sto vise otme od covekove slobode. Jer joj je snosljivija njena beda nego covekova slobodan, posto je covekova sloboda, odista, izvor svih zeninih nepravda i nesreca.

Ako i zivotinje mogu da misle, onda one imaju o nama izvesno, isto misljenje koje imamo mi o njima.

Mnogo je manje ljubavi na svetu nego u literaturi; u jednom romanu ima vise ljubavi nego u jednom velikom gradu.

Postoje dva moguca braka: brak za mlade i za mladost, i drugi za stare i za starost. Prvi da se podeli sreca i obest, a drugi da se podeli nesreca i bolest. Za jedan prode vreme vrlo brzo, a za drugi je uvek na vreme... Pametan se covek ozeni na vreme. U mladosti je brak stvar ljubavi i spola, a u starosti je stvar slabosti i straha od samoce.

Zene daju svoje telo onom koji je prema njima puno pazljiv i pozrtvovan, ili koji o njima ima lepse misljenje nego drugi, cesto i samo lepe reci.
12:34 am
Why Michel Houellebecq is a genious
All from H. P. Lovecraft: Against World, Against Life

Life is painful and disapointing. It is useless, therefore to write realistic novels. We generally know where we stand in relation to reality and don't care to know more. Humanity, such as it is, inspires only an attenuated curiosity in us.

All those who love life do not read. Nor do they go to the movies actually.

Adulthood is hell. In the face of such trenchant position "moralists" will utter vague, opprobrious grumblings while waiting for a chance to strike with their obscene imitations.

Throughout his life [H. P. Lovecraft] maintained a typically aristocratic, scornful attitude toward humanity in general coupled with extreme kindness towards individuals in particular.

Absolute hatred of the world in general, aggravated by an aversion to the modern world in particular.
12:32 am
Mizar, Ova ne e mojot dom
Ova ne e mojot dom

Otkako go zagubiv sjajot vo očite
sekoj eden den mi e... nieden.
Mirno, bavno, odminuvaat nokite,
dodeka da sfatam deka ovde
nikogaš nema da zaspijam.
Ova ne e mojot dom!

O, zemjo bezbožna
so mraz pokriena.
O zemjo, o zemjo bezvodna!
Zarem jas da treperam za tvojot nečist son?
Osudi me na smrt za sekoj zemen zdiv!
Ova ne mojot dom!
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
4:25 am
Johnny Cash
Solitary Man

Belinda was mine 'til the time that I found her
Holdin' Jim
And lovin' him
Then Sue came along, loved me strong, that's what I thought
But me and Sue,
That died, too.
Don't know that I will but until I can find me
A girl who'll stay and won't play games behind me
I'll be what I am
A solitary man
A solitary man
I've had it here - being where love's a small word
A part time thing
A paper ring
I know it's been done havin' one girl who loves you
Right or wrong
Weak or strong
Don't know that I will but until I can find me
A girl who'll stay and won't play games behind me
I'll be what I am
A solitary man
A solitary man
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